The Most Common Secrets That Escorts Have

Being an escort is not an easy thing as you may think. To stay safe escorts have some secrets that they only can understand each other with their clients. The internet is one of the most frequented platforms to look for escorts. They communicate by using an absurd code that they can only understand better. Some of this codes range right form the BBBJ all the way to those schoolyards jokes- for instance, someone saying Ed Zacchary Disease is saying someone that has a face that is unattractive.

They are not called Johns.

The use of terms like John and Dick are considered as derogatory to them. on the other hand, they prefer to be called trollers, mongers, or even hobbyists. The terms that will be used will depict the picture of the customers pretty well. That way, the customers will find nothing wrong if they have to pay for sex.

If you are paid more, you are expected to do more.

Escorts always expect something in return when they are giving you service. So the more money that is paid then the services that are rendered should be of taste and quality. An escort pushes the boundaries of taste, protection and also personal security. That means that you do more than what your other escorts have done.

A street walker that is rated as 8” is just a 6” when it comes to the normal scale.

These are scales that are used to separate escorts form the ordinary women that you might have come across. This is to say that the way the mongers rate escorts is a bit dehumanizing.

Escorts will ask for what they want

This is one of the most entertaining part with an escort. So long as you agree what you want to do with her, you are going to get all the attention that you need. At the same time, when the urges rise to the bream, she will also get to inform you what she wants from you.

They don’t argue about how much they should be paid

Money issues is always kept at bay. This is because escorts know one thing, you get what you have paid for. So it is going to be hard for a customer to just demand what he hasn’t paid for. That solves the many puzzle fights that might turn out to be bad.

Escorts have secrets that they keep to themselves so that they get the best out of their clients. Some of them have been discussed above and range from money and everything. but that why they are able to deal with their emotions because of their toughness.

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